Working Papers 2017

    1.   Parantap Basu and Yoseph Getachew (2017)              

          Redistributive Innovation Policy,Inequality and Growth   Download

    2.   Shesadri Banerjee and Parantap Basu (2017)             

          Technology Shocks and Business Cycles in India Download

    3.   Malay Ghosh   and  Tushar  K  Nandi  (2017)              

          From Sales Tax to GST , The journey of West Bengal in 75 years Download

    4.   Amita Majumder & Ranjan Ray & Sattwik Santra (2017)         

          Preferences,Purchasing Power Parity and Inequality : Analytical           Framework,Propositions and Empirical Evidence  Download

    5.   Amita Majumder & Ranjan Ray & Sattwik Santra (2017)         

          Global and Country Poverty Rates,Welfare Rankings of the Regions and           Purchasing Power Parities : How Robust Are the Results ? Download

    6.   Hamid Beladi & Sugata Marjit & Suryaprakash Misra(2017)              

          Inefficient Redistribution with Credit Rationing  Download


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