Working Papers 2015

  1. Tushar K. Nandi & Saibal Kar (2015): Short-term migration and intergenerational persistence of industry in rural India    Download
  2. Sugata Marjit, Hamid Beladi and Avik Chakrabarti (2015): Why do the Poor Save Less? The Role of Economic Status in Inadequate Saving    Download
  3. Sattwik Santra and Ranajoy Chaudhury (2015): The American Pride and Aspiration   Download
  4. Sugata Marjit, Sattwik Santra and Koushik Kumar Hati (2015): Does inequality affect the consumption patterns of the poor? The role of “status seeking” behaviour   Download
  5. Sugata Marjit, Sattwik Santra and Koushik Kumar Hati (2015):  Relative Social Status and Conflicting Measures of Poverty - A Behavioral Analytical Model  
  6. Jayanta Kumar Dwibedi, Sugata Marjit, and Koushik Kumar Hati (2015): Tax Effort of West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh: A Comparative Study Based on Consumption Expenditure   Download
  7. Tushar K. Nandi (2015): The Effect of Employment Guarantee Scheme on School Attendance in Rural India    Download
  8. Ranajoy Chaudhury (2015): Status Seeking Behavior and the Life Cycle Hypothesis    Download
  9. Jayanta Kumar Dwibedi  and Sugata Marjit (2015): Relative Affluence and Child Labor - Explaining a Paradox     Download
  10. Sugata Marjit and Punarjit Roychowdhury (2015): Inequality and Trade: A Behavioral-Economics Perspective    Download
  11. Sugata Marjit and Biswajit Mandal (2015): International Trade, Migration and Unemployment – The Role of Informal   Download
  12. Hamid Beladi, Sugata Marjit, Xinpeng Xu, and Lei Yang(2015): Strategic Enforcement, Intellectual Property Rights and Contractual R&D   Download

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