Training Workshop on Public Finance & Taxation

 27th - 29th September , 2018

Programme Schedule

   1 .  Alok Ray  : Concepts of Macroeconomics and Public Finance  

    2 .  Vivek Jalan  : Evolving Taxation and Finance in India   Download

    3.   Jayanta Dwibedi  : Indicators of Public Finance  Download

    4.   Tushar Nandi  :  What can we learn from micro data on taxes?  

    5. Anindya Chaudhuri :  Artificial Intelligence , Big Data and Public Policy  

    6.  Pratik Jain  :  Industry’s Perspective on tax reform in India  

    7   Sthanu R. Nair  :  GST and Price Monitoring   Download

    8 . Arun Advani:  The long term effects of tax audits : UK experience  Download

    9.  Pinaki Chakraborty   :  State Finance, GST and the fifteenth Finance Commission :

                                                      Emerging Issues. Download

  10.  Khalid Anwar   : IGST and place of supply. Download

Centre for Training & Research in Public Finance and Policy

[A Ministry of Finance, Government of India funded initiative]

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