Training Workshop on Public Finance and Taxation

 7th - 9th December, 2017

Programme Schedule

    1 . Sugata Marjit  : Demonetization - Causes and Consequence Download

    2 .  Abhirup Sarkar  : On The Economy of West Bengal   Download

    3.   Khalid Anwar  : Continued…… GST and Government Work Contracts Download

    4.   Sudip Sinha  :  Public Financial Management and Tax Revenue Analysis Download

    5.  Vivek Jalan :  GST Implementation : A Trade & Industry Perspective Download

    6.  Sattwik Santra : Collecting Indirect Taxes : Lessons We Can Learn from

         Microeconomics Download

    7.  Priyabrata Pramanik : The Transition from VAT to GST : A Policy Perspective and its

         likely implication in Direct Taxes Download

Centre for Training & Research in Public Finance and Policy

[A Ministry of Finance, Government of India funded initiative]

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