Working Papers 2016

  1. Sugata Marjit, André Seidel and Marcel Thum (2016) : Tax Evasion, Corruption and Tax Loopholes   Download
  2. Reshmi Ahuja (2016): Sequencing of External Sector Reforms and Wage Inequality     Download
  3. Sugata Marjit (2016): Anti-Trade Agitation and Distribution-Neutral Tax Policy- An Elementary Framework     Download
  4. Sugata Marjit and Sandip Sarkar (2016): Distribution-Neutral Welfare Ranking-Extending Pareto Principle    Download
  5. Sandip Sarkar and Sattwik Santra (2016): Extending The Approaches To Inequality Ordering Of  Ordinal Variables  Download
  6. Sweta Lahiri and Tushar K. Nandi (2016): Like Father, Like Son: Intergenerational Occupational Persistence among Youth in India     Download

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