Research Activities Supported                   

CTRPFP has Provided Financial Support to the following Researchers for Presenting Papers in International Conferences

     1.   Dr Sandip Sarkar has presented his paper in the Seventh Meeting of the Society for            the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ), The Graduate Center,City University             of New York, New York City , July 2017.

   2.   Dr Shesadri Banerjee has presented his paper titled Technology Shocks and          Business Cycles in India ”at this Australasian Development Economics Workshop at          Deakin University, held in Melbourne in June 2016.

    3.  Prof. Jyotsna Jalan has presented her paper titled “An Effective Targeting Shortcut"?          An Assessment of 2002 Below Poverty Line Census Method in the 5th Annual          American Business Research Conference, held in New York City between 6th-7th          June 2013.

   4.   Dr. Saibal Kar has presented his paper titled “Capital Flows, Public Policies And          Emigration Patterns” in the Western Economic Association Rim Bi-Annual          Conference held in Tokyo, Japan between 11th-16th March 2013.

  5.  Dr. Tushar Nandi has presented his paper titled “Inter-generational persistence of       employment in India” in the International Conference on Economic Growth and       Development held at Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi between 17th – 19th December       2012.

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