International Conference on Public Finance, Public Economics and Public Policy

(5th - 6th  December 2013)

Programme Schedule

Biographies of the Speakers

       Plenary Speakers

1. Arye L. Hillman:  Expressive Behaviour and Public Policy

2. Heinrich W. Ursprung: Does the field of study influence students’ political attitudes?  Presentation Slides

3. Giacomo Corneo: Social Insurance, Work Norms and the Allocation of Talent Presentation Slides

4. Parimal K. Bag: Does Affirmative Action Work?  Presentation Slides

Invited Papers

  1. Tushar K. Nandi: Education and Employment of Youth in India during the Period of Economic Growth
  2. Anindita Sen: Intra-Industry Trade in Dirty Goods and Environmental Policies   Abstract
  3. Oindrila Dey and Swapnendu Banerjee: INCENTIVES ‘AND’ STATUS  Abstract  PPT
  4. M. Shanmugam and V. Nirmala: Estimating a Fiscal Response Function: the case of Debt Sustainability in India   Abstract  PPT


Centre for Training & Research in Public Finance and Policy

[A Ministry of Finance, Government of India funded initiative]

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